This is for the "Taash brand" of Werewolf for the Buffy brand... I dunno, ask Sam?

  • Semi/Partial Changes at any time of the month (full moon, half moon, the works) ie, change of any part or all of the body to wolf, or to human form: ears, tail etc.
  • No force to change to full wolf form, but at full moon and the day either side of full moon changes to wolf form are easier, and to human are more difficult.
  • Changing can be triggered by emotions as well as fright or need.
  • Changing doesn't need meditation or any form of special training, but resisting the urge to change can be enhanced by such training.
  • Memory during wolf form is retained through to human and vice verca.
  • The urge to bite and make more Weres is simmilar to the sexual desires and urges in humans,


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