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August 29th: Episode 3; 'A Song In Your Heart' has commenced with an explosive outburst from Mai nearly destroying the library of Mulwaree High! The young witches of Goulburn find a strange enchantment cast over Goulburn that forces them to tell their deepest, darkest secrets through song and dance. Will they find the source of the music, or will they burn in the fires of emotion?

Featured Character

This week's Featured Character is: Clare Löwe. A young Witch with the power to fly and cloak herself and those around her. Clare is your stereotypical rich girl on the outside, but has displayed a wicked sense of humour, helping the Davidsons to relieve the Seige on their house.


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Did you know...?

  • an alternate Universe, Matt and Mai are actually more powerful than the Elders?
  • ...Cowan's telepathic power is different from Millicent's telepathic power?
  • ...there are witch covens out there who operate as Bounty Hunters?
  • ...the last time Megan was Charmed, she coud compel people just by talking?

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