Sorcha de Lune

Liv Tyler

Sorcha de Lune
Birth Date
September 23, 1988
Notable Powers
All basic witch powers, including spellcasting and scrying.
Portrayed by
Liv Tyler
Written by
Character Inactive

Sorcha de Lune was born to a typical, non-magical modern family on the 23rd of September, 1988. Sorcha's name is Irish for bright and radiant, the irony of which is represented by the fact she has interacted with very few characters on The Heirs.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Sorcha's most outstanding feature is her hair, which falls to approximately mid-back, and is dyed purple. Her eyes are often hidden behind the pages of a book, and hence, many miss the bright aqua hue, complementing her pale skin. Otherwise, she is rather unremarkable; not chubby, not not thin in the extreme, and of average height. A tendancy to look down her nose coupled with high cheekbones result in a decidedly superior air.
Clothing-wise, Sorcha prefers baggy jeans and guys' shirts - the quotes printed on the female equivalents somehow don't pack the same punch.


The name Sorcha means bright and radiant when translated, an irony often noted by the girl and anyone else who crosses paths with her, as her personality is, in fact, highly introverted. Sorcha has a tendancy to be deprecating, both to herself and any others whom she comes into contact with. This habit has earned her few friends, but for the most part, she doesn't care so much.
On her worse days, Sorcha is exceedingly arrogant, which may or may not have some basis in reality. She is, however, hard upon herself, and could even be described as an "emotional masochist" - that is, she seems to take joy in hurting herself emotionally.
However, Sorcha does have the odd positive side; she keeps people's secrets like a vault, and should anyone she care about require it, she'll give what help she can. She is also intensely loyal, but this is not often seen.

Magical HistoryEdit

The first overt display of Sorcha's power was that of Invisibility, as suits her personality. The first instance was one where multiple teenagers wish they could simply melt into the floor, or the walls. In Sorcha's case, escaping "The Talk" in this fashion became a reality, as her wish to escape substantiated in the means, as she simply vanished from sight. Since this occasion, she has displayed this talent on numerous occasions, which suggests the possibility that she will be able to control it in the not-too-distant future.
Sorcha's second power is that of Super Human Reflexes, and as with the first, this manifested in an incredibly useful manner - just in time to save her mother's Chinese vase from the clumsiness younger children display in exuberance. To date, this talent has appeared no more than required, but to Sorcha's logic, that's perfectly ample.