Formal 004

Me on the way to the formal

Nataasha, 'rising star' occasionally 'singstar'. Lives in a little town called Gunning which is 45km (give or take) from Goulburn which is where Heirs is set, and where she goes to school.</p>

She is currently dating Stoli in real life, and as yet has no official Heirs relationships, other than Darcy Kerwin fawning for Merldot and sharing a house with V.E.S

She is the controller of Darcy Kerwin, Lupe Randall and Rory Newland, however only Darcy and Rory are currently active, as Lupe is a character yet to enter Goulburn

Likes: Stoli, Blue, RP-ing, Apple flavoured lollies, Cheezecake

Dislikes: Chilli, most spicy things, body image and steryotipical 'pretty' people

Orientation and Relationship status: Straight and taken :D