Controls; Lacey Haunt, V.E.S and Mr Shudders

Admittedly mentally unhinged with an invincible sense of humor (that is; she'll still be laughing when the Book Of Revelations comes true...though that's understandable what with Satan being such a pussy and Jesus being made of chocolate...)

Aged 16, lives in Australian in a hole called Goulburn and spends most of her time reading, writting, eating chocolate, feeding her anime/horror/fiction addiction, taking unexplained sick days, disapearing to Lithgow or Adelaide, seeing her shrinks, and scribbling in Nataasha's books.

Likes; Nataasha, Stoli, Mel, her lover, anime, history (much to Stoli and Nataasha's dismay) and many many weird and wondferful subjects as mentioned above.

Dislikes; humanity, slow posters, school, maths, bad dubbing, bad fan fiction, people who don't do their research and neo-religious know-it-alls.

Family; Mother, Brothers, Father, Niece and Nephew

Good at; being a smartass and antisocial

Relationship Status; Taken. Seriously. Her 'significant other' will eat you.

friend's notes (Stoli) : MOLLY IS AWESOME!!! On another note we have spent eternity together wreaking havoc upon the world... HAIL COMRADE MOLLY!!! All this cos I edited a typo... and probrably just made 10.